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25/01/2019Taxes are a certainty in lifeBTLPress
01/12/2018Reflections on buy-to-let in 2018BTLPress
01/11/2018The impact of new HMO licensing on BTL financeBTL Press
01/09/2018Alternative solutions for investment propertyBTL Press
28/08/2018TBMC launches new online application formBTL Press
01/07/2018Expat BTLBTL Press
01/06/2018BTL Mortgage UpdateBTL Press
01/05/2018Considering buy-to-let for the first timeBTLPress
01/04/2018Portfolio lending and top-slicingBTLPress
01/03/2018Top tips to help your buy-to-let cases go fasterBTL Press
01/02/2018The nitty gritty of buy-to-letBTL Press
08/01/2018A new year ahead with plenty of possibilitiesBTLPress
01/11/2017The buy-to-let wheels keep on turningBTLPress
01/10/2017Buy-to-let finance alternativesBTLPress
01/09/2017Top tips for helping portfolio landlordsBTLPress
01/08/2017Reviewing portfolios with landlordsBTLPress
01/07/2017A spotlight on buy-to-let lending nichesBTL Press
10/06/2017Speculation around buy-to-let portfolio lendingBTLPress
10/05/2017Buy-to-let mortgage market update - May 2017BTLPress
11/04/2017Buy-to-let mortgage market update - April 2017BTLPress
06/04/2017TBMC launches new exclusives with Mortgage TrustBTLPress
09/03/2017Buy-to-let mortgage market update - March 2017BTLPress
06/02/2017Buy-to-let mortgage market update - February 2017BTLPress
23/01/2017TBMC announces new tax status functionality for its buy-to-let sourcing systemBTLPress
05/01/2017Buy-to-let mortgage market update - January 2017BTLPress
15/12/2016Buy-to-let mortgage market update - Decembmer 2016BTLPress
12/12/2016TBMC launches two new buy-to-let 5 year fixed exclusives with Dudley Building SocietyBTLPress
01/12/2016TBMC launches with KensingtonBTLPress
01/11/2016Buy-to-let mortgage market update - November 2016BTLPress
01/10/2016Buy-to-let mortgage market update - October 2016BTLPress
01/09/2016Buy-to-let mortgage market update - September 2016BTLPress
01/08/2016Buy-to-let mortgage market update - August 2016BTLPress
01/07/2016Buy-to-let mortgage market update - July 2016BTLPress
01/06/2016Buy-to-let mortgage market update - June 2016BTLPress
01/05/2016Buy-to-let mortgage market update - May 2016BTLPress
01/04/2016Buy-to-let mortgage market update - April 2016BTLPress
01/03/2016Buy-to-let mortgage market update - March 2016BTLPress
01/02/2016Buy-to-let mortgage market update - February 2016BTLPress
01/01/2016Buy-to-let mortgage market update - January 2016BTLPress

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